Anabella and Her Coffee Kids Projects – ADESPA

Anabella at ADESPA

This is Anabella.  She runs her family’s farm Finca Santa Felice in Acatenengo.  She coordinates the Coffee Kids project (ADESPA) that serves the area around her plantation. Today she celebrated her birthday with the kids at the community center and then drove us an hour to Antigua.  Her dog came along too because Anabella wanted to get her checked by the vet in town.  She has three dogs, all of which are the healthiest I’ve seen in Guatemala.  Most of the dogs here are homeless and many loiter the busy highways prowling for food. On the way to Antigua, Anabella pulled over to rescue a dog that was hit by a car. She has done this before.

The ADESPA project was the first Coffee Kids project I saw.  Anabella dedicates considerable time and effort in educating and empowering her workers to become independent from the coffee industry.   Two of her projects (textile and shoe workshops) are for economic diversification; teaching them skills so they don’t have to rely on coffee for an income. 

Anabella’s farm is beautiful.  It’s at the base of Mt. Fuego, which erupts daily.  It’s organic, certified by Japanese and European standards, which are stricter than the US.  Beyond making sure the ground is free of fertilizers, the European regulations require that the soil is full of necessary nutrients adding to the sustainability of the land.  I look forward to the Geisha coffee she will plant (as well as it returning to the States. Allegro once carried it).  Anabella recently returned from Panama where she got to check out where la Esmeralda is grown.

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