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bake sale for japan cranes

I’m breaking out of context for a moment here to consider something very important to me: Japan.  All my relatives live there. Fortunately they are okay, but many of their neighbors—now homeless, orphaned, robbed of loved ones and all possessions—are in desperate need of help.  While the worst of it appears to have passed, the Japanese continue to be assaulted daily by aftershocks of earthquakes and alarming reports about radiation scares, rising death tolls, fuel shortages, and toxic food.

Japan is a nation with a sterling reputation for contributing to the humanitarian efforts of other disaster-stricken countries. Now, it needs help.

Ok, back to food and coffee.

Berkeley-based cook and community-organizer wizard Samin Nosrat has put together a nationwide comfort food extravaganza. “Bake Sale for Japan,” to benefit Japanese tsunami and earthquake victims, will take place next Saturday, April 2. We’re not talking about brownies made from Duncan Hines. We’re talking the likes of Tartine, Four Barrel, Chez Panisse, and Blue Bottle.  Plus special treats from home kitchens, music, and crane-making by the hundreds.

California boasts no fewer than 19 locations of Bake Sale for Japan, many concentrated in Northern California. But quite a number of them are down here in LA (YESSSSS), including at Forage, Angeli, BLD, Black Cat Bakery, Akasha …not bad, not bad! There are many locations outside of California too.

Come to the Bake Sale. Bring your appetite for comfort food and the land which brought us sushi, karaoke, Pokemon, Nomo, Kurosawa, Pizzicato Five, the V60, Godzilla and ramen. You will feel better.

Photo: Sylvan of Peko-Peko, one of the initial participants, at the Pop-Up General Store on March 18.

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