Books On Coffee Brewing

Books on Coffee

Espresso Preparation:

Scott Rao’s, The Professional Barista’s Handbook (2009, 100 pages)
The newest of the three books, providing the latest barista techniques for serving espresso- type drinks. Rao also covers the science of extraction and explains the chemistry of water. Very informative and includes detailed color photos. Highly recommend.

Gimme Coffee’s Barista Manual 1.0 (2006, 157 pages)
I believe this is an excerpt of their employee or wholesale manual, that provides an the insider’s scoop on the Gimme way.  Covers coffee growing, processing, geography,  as well as equipment and espresso drink preparation (including latte art).  Detailed with color photos.

David Schomer’s Espresso Coffee Professional Techniques (2004, 123 pages)
Like Gimme’s book, provides explanation of equipment, components to espresso, and extraction techniques. The book is a bit older, so some of the techniques are dated, and the diagrams are less detailed.

And for Non- Espresso Based Drinks:

Scott Rao’s Everything but Espresso (2010, 71 pages)
Recommended by my friend Charles Babinski, the educator at Intelligentsia Venice, when I was searching for additional information on siphon coffee.  This book details coffee brewing techniques for non-pressurized brewing for devices such as the French Press, Café Solo, and vacuum pot/siphon.