Making Coffee at Home

Like artist Christoph Niemann, I enjoyed the process of making coffee far before I took pleasure in drinking it. I loved the aroma of fresh beans and something seemed so romantic about making a cup of coffee, but I wasn’t crazy about its taste.  With enough cream and sugar though, I thought, it might taste fabulous. Since then I’ve taken a number of classes in which I have learned how to extract coffee worth savoring, unadulterated.  I now love the challenge of extracting the perfect cup of coffee for the purpose of drinking.

Making Coffee At Home

At home I have a Bonmac TCA-2, Hario V60, and Chemex, and an espresso machine.

If you are making coffee at home, I recommend the following gear, no matter the extraction method:

Grinder –Fresh ground coffee is fundamental for great tasting coffee because grounds get stale quickly.  Get the best grinder you can afford. If you’re deciding between spending more on a grinder or on an espresso machine, get a better grinder.

Timer – Used to measure extraction time.  A programmable countdown timer (accurate to the second) comes in handy.  For you iPhone users, Intelligentsia has an app so you don’t have to buy one.

Scale – Good for properly measuring out coffee and water.  1g=1ml water. I love metric.

Thermometer – 
Because proper temperature is essential for optimal brewing.