Home Brewing Class at Four Barrel, San Francisco (9/6/10)

Coffee Brewing Four Barrel

Walk into Four Barrel and you might think you are entering a saloon at first. Four boars’ heads are mounted to the wall, and spaciousness and beautiful wood beams give the place a rustic look. At the back counter you can order espresso drinks.  At the bar on the left, order single origin beans or pourover drinks. To the right are tables to sit at.

Barista Matthew Williams taught home brewing principals for the Chemex, V60, Clever, and French Press. Fundamentals of extraction, water/coffee ratios, temperature, particle size, and steeping time were all covered. We got to try the different methods with the café’s exclusive Guatemala Ojercaibal, a blended lot from 61 small gardens from San Jose Poaquil, Chimaltenango.

Four Barrel's Handsome Brewing Guide

We received a handsome booklet detailing each brewing method, a bag of coffee, and a generous discount on coffee brewing devices.  Class size was 20.