Home Barista Workshop and Introduction to Cupping at Jones, Pasadena (1/10)

Jones Coffee Pasadena

Jones has been a local Pasadena hangout since 1994, sourcing coffee from its family-owned farm in Guatemala as well as other locations. They offer biweekly classes: Introduction to Coffee, Home Barista, Home Brewing, and Introduction to Cupping.

I attended the Home Barista and Introduction to Cupping workshops, taught by their hospitable roaster Rafael Aguiar. The Home Barista class allows you to learn using your own machine. This was particularly helpful since I was trying to understand the nuances of my quirky Silvia.

We learned how to extract shots and even do latte art. Toward the end of the class, we got to play with their high powered La Marzocco machines behind the bar.

In the cupping class, we were introduced to the professional method of tasting coffees. The most fun part was when Rafael gave us three coffees and we had to guess which region they were from, based on the regional profiles he taught us.

Class size is five participants, and each class is 1.5 hours plus.