Published Works in Coffee

Roast Magazine March/April 2018 Cover – Subaltern Coffee at the Pulley Collective , Brooklyn, NY.

Roast Magazine January/February 2018 Cover – Coffee seedlings in Antioquia, Colombia.

Roast Magazine September/October 2017 Cover – Chris Alspach’s Roast at Upper Left Roasters , Southeast Portland.

Roast Magazine July/August 2017 Cover – Coffee seedlings at APK’s Mlama Estate in Moshi, Tanzania.

Roast Magazine May/June 2017 Cover – Café Devoción, Brooklyn, NY.

Book of Roast Cover – Stoaked Roasters, Hood River, OR.

Roast Magazine March/April 2017 Cover – The tasting lab at Kaffa, Oslo, Norway.

Roast Magazine January/February 2017 Cover – Tim Wendleboe, Oslo, Norway.

Roast Magazine November/December 2016 Cover – Coffee Sorting at Crown Crane Coffee Estate, Ngorongoro, Tanzania.

Roast Magazine September/October 2016 Cover – Sample Roasting at APK Moshi, Tanzania.

Roast Magazine July/August 2016 Cover – Mlama Estate Moshi, Tanzania.

Roast Magazine May/June 2016 Cover – Barista, Pearl District, Portland, OR, featuring Mazama Wears. Roast_MayJune16_Cover

Roast Magazine January/February 2016 Cover – Tim Wendleboe, Oslo, Norway.

Roast Magazine November/December 2015 Cover – Oromolido Farm, Fredonia, Antioquia, Colombia.Roast_NovDec15_Cover

Roast Magazine July/August 2015 Cover – Coffee Farmer Conrado Antonio Marin, Antioquia, Colombia.
Roast_July Aug15_Cover

Roast Magazine January/February 2015 Cover – La Nueva Generacion Cafetera in Antioquia, Colombia.

Roast Magazine November/December 2014 Cover – Microlot in Titiribí, Antioquia Colombia.

Roast Magazine September/October 2014 Cover – The NoMad Hotel NYC, featuring Intelligentsia Coffee in Jono Pandolfi ceramics.

Roast Magazine March/April 2014 Cover – Ninth Street Espresso Roaster Nina Glikshtern The Pulley Collective in NYC.

Roast Magazine January/February 2014 Cover – Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco, CA.

Roast Magazine September/October 2013 Cover – & Day In the Life Feature of Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco, CA.

Roast Magazine May/June 2013 Cover – Four Barrel Coffee at The Mill, San Francisco, CA.

Roast Magazine January/February 2013 Cover – Brew bar at Coava Coffee, Portland OR.

Roast Magazine November/December 2012 Cover – The final harvest at  Finca Malacara Lote A, Santa Ana, El Salvador.
Roast Magazine November/December 2012 Cover

Roast Magazine November/December 2012, Industry Directory – Coffee service at Canlis Restaurant, Seattle.
Roast Magazine November/December 2012, Industry Directory

Roast Magazine September/October 2012 Cover – Workshop Coffee, London, UK.
Roast Magazine September/October 2012 Cover

Roast Magazine July/August 2012 Cover – Finca Santa Felicia, Acatenango, Guatemala.
Roast Magazine July/August 2012 Cover

Roast Magazine September/October 2011, Finding your Niche (photos on pages 34-35. 40-41) featuring Eleven Madison Park, New York.

Roast Magazine September/October 2011 Cover – Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco.
Roast Magazine September/October Cover

Roast Magazine July/August 2011 Cover – Coffee Sorting in Chajul, Guatemela.
Roast Magazine July/August 2011 Cover

Bean There, about my Patagonia environmental internship in Guatemela, appearing on Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line blog (5/2011).

Article and Photos of Hiroshi Sawada in Barista Magazine, pages 40-43 (February/March 2011).

Cow’s Without Borders, about Straus Milk, appearing on Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line blog (11/2010), and re-printed on Coffee Common.

From Seed to Shot, about my experience at Intelligentsia’s Extraordinary Coffee Workshop in El Salvador, appearing on Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line blog (5/2010).